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Best Exercises for Newbies

Best Exercises for newbies who want to gain muscle

If you are a newbie who has been going to the gym for few months you have probably already experienced noob gains. When anyone begins to do any kind of physical activity the body quickly begins to get in shape. This usually lasts for the first few months.

Best Exercises for Newbies

After you have implemented a routine, over time it becomes harder to achieve certain fitness goals. Muscles adapt quickly and if you perform the same old movements without changing things up your body will become stagnant and you will stop gaining muscle.

What a lot of new guys do is set a routine but get stuck in a rut. Many young guys will focus on arms and chest. What they don’t know is that in order to gain muscle mass you need to target the bigger muscle groups.

If you have been training for a  while and no longer seeing visible gains its time to change your training strategy. That is if you are serious about getting big.

If you are just training to get toned then a regular strength training routine is fine otherwise take a look a the exercises below, each one of them is meant to you gain mass and get stronger.


This is one of the best exercises you can do to gain muscle mass, the deadlift is an old school movement and one that toy rarely see anyone doing anymore. Some guys are afraid they are going to injure themselves. If you do the movement using proper form you will be ok.

Doing deadlifts is not easy but it is an exercise that stimulates just about every muscle in your body and believe it or not it will make you stronger at other exercises, even your bench.  I recommend doing a few warm-up sets and then gradually build up the weight until you can barely reach 6- 8 reps for 3-5 sets.

Rack Pulls

Rack pulls target the upper back and is another great mass builder. Rack pulls are great for building your upper back, Done properly rack pulls let you move more weight and can help improve grip strength and help increase the amount of weight you can lift doing deadlifts.


We have all heard the saying “Don’t skip leg day” Squats are an exercise many guys hate. This unfortunate, especially considering that your legs are half of your whole body, they are the foundation of core strength and what help you move around.

Doing squats can help stimulate androgen receptors and boost testosterone levels. Squats work the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and back. Squats just like deadlifts target every muscle in your body.

Front squats

A variation of the normal squat with the barbell in front, you cant go very heavy with the front squat but it is a great compound exercise that builds the front quads and glutes and also serves as a mass muscle builder for your legs.

Bench press

The bench press is another compound movement that can help build mass in the chest, if you get strong with the previous exercises, you will also be able to increase how much you lift when you bench.  The bench press not only targets the chest, it also hits the arms (triceps), shoulders (front delts) and back.


If you are serious about gaining muscle, the above compound exercises if performed properly and with consistency will help you pack on serious muscle before you know it. As always start off with moderate weight and gradually increase it as you perfect the movement.